The SBR (styrene-butadiene) rubber Omni-Belt, when combined with the patented Omni "finger" configuration, provides durability and long-lasting use to owners. It features one-piece molded construction. Omni-Lift conveyors will overcome the high maintenance or high power demand encountered in the operation of units such as air slides, pneumatic conveyors or screw conveyors. And, our belt offers longer life since it runs on sealed bearing idlers.


Omni-Lift systems feature enclosed steel construction. In doing so, we confine dust, providing environmental protection to both materials and equipment, as well as improved safety standards. Also available in stainless steel food grade construction.


Omni-Lift conveyors provide a means of conveying materials horizontally or at any increment up to and including true vertical lift (90 degrees) The system is applicable to free flowing, sluggish, dusty and abrasive materials, including plastics, powders, chemicals or granular (to 3/8th-inch normally and up to " in some instances).


The simplicity of Omni-Lift design combines with the durability of the SBR belt resulting In reduced vibration and noise. Unlike complicated bucket elevator systems, Omni-Lift allows you to easily attain acceptable noise levels. The smoother, quieter operation also improves general working conditions.



Omni-Lift belt conveyors are capable of 500 gallon per minute vertical water lift. Omni-Lift belts can move 70 tons of cement per hour vertical to 100 feet (with a single belt). Or, 60 tons per hour of abrasive chemicals can be unloaded. The fingers are capable of digging out any reasonable accumulation of material in the Feed section and less frequent cleanouts are required. A double width belt is available for doubling the capacity. Also available: high temperature (EPDM, Rated 250 degree F.); food grade belt; and oil resistant belt.


By eliminating the need for buckets, chains, nuts and bolts, Omni-Lift systems make possible significant weight reductions usually a minimum of 20% less weight than conventional belt and bucket systems. The reduction translates into energy saving due to less HP required. Lower cost installation and operation is also a benefit.

Omni-Lift drive motors are TEFC enclosure, selected for high efficiency. This motor alone will provide power savings up to 70% of the initial cost of the motor per year.




Our Omni-Lift conveyor Systems have multiple applications including: Vertical Bucketless Elevators, Bucketless Inclined Elevators, Feeder Belts (Replaces Screw Conveyors), Portable Conveyors. Available in nearly any configuration.